LED Outdoor Lighting Systems

We have a passion for re-creating outdoor space, and with the correct lighting design it can transform your landscape into inviting oasis.

Hardwood Deck and LED lighting

Why Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of highlighting the “good bones” of your property well placed lights can extend the use of your garden after dark, provide practical lighting for security and draw attention to landscape features like trees or structures. What ever your need , Eco Carpentry can provide a sustainable solution that increases the value of your home while letting you sit back and enjoy the ideal outdoor lifestyle.


A well executed landscape plan is designed to compliment your home’s entire esthetic, A custom lighting design can be the cohesion between these two elements. No matter your style, the perfect outdoor lighting solution should work in harmony with your home and garden to showcase its structural feature.

We can advise on the best solution for your interaction with the outdoor space. We design for lifestyle and living taking into consideration our client’s individual needs


Eco Carpen extensive and reliable supply chain ensures we source the right product for your needs and we make sure it arrives when you expect it to. Our expert knowledge of all products we supply, coupled with lighting design experience guarantees we can supply the ideal lighting solution for your project.

We stock an extensive range of lighting and ancillary products including a wide range of light fixtures:

  • Down lights

  • Wall Lights

  • Spike Lights

  • In-Ground and Deck Lights

  • Pond Lights

  • Bollard and Path Lights

  • LED Strip Lights

  • Flood Lights

We are also mindful of running costs, energy consumption and environmental issues.  We keep abreast of the latest technologies in energy-efficient lighting, particularly with LED systems.

Premier Hardwood Decking will help identify the right product for your garden lighting projects.  All of our products come with a minimum 1 year warranty.


Eco Carpentry provides an installation solution best suited to the unique style and conditions of your outdoor area. We also take into consideration your individual energy consumption profile. Materials We source products and fittings that are tried and tested for their quality, durability and design.In suggesting and selecting the light fittings suitable for your design goals and desired effect, we first consider the corrosive conditions of your home, by taking in to account the materials that will be in contact with the installations.

Our approach ensures long lasting results that provide value for your investment and allows us to take pride in our work and build our good name.

Working to your budget is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s because no matter how award winning a particular design may be, it will not see the light unless it fits comfortably within your budget.

We will discuss your lighting needs with you and guide you through the design options that best suit your budget, aiming to minimize, and where possible, eliminate any compromise to your design objectives. No matter how limited your budget may be, our design team’s creativity, product knowledge and design capability ensures you are satisfied with the end result and receive value for your investment.

We are also mindful of your running costs and consider the energy consumption profile of your design options. We bring our knowledge to bear by keeping up to date on the latest technologies in the lighting industry, particularly with LED systems.

For further information or a quotation on using LED Garden Lighting for your project Call or Email Eco Carpentry today.

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