Eco Outdoor Living can create customised screening to suit any home, whether it’s contemporary or traditional in design. Choose from a wide range of sizes, and enjoy the beauty of custom designed Timber to versatile Knotwood or Corten engineered weathered steel..



Corten is the ultimate and latest architectural industrial chic finish. Prevalent in high-end architectural cladding and decadent features, Corten is engineered specifically to rust and create a rich patina on the surface, whilst protecting the core of the sheet. When rusted corten has twice the tensile strength of mild steel and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Corten steel or Weathering Steel is made up of a group of steel alloy materials which when left uncoated and exposed to the natural elements develops a very distinguishable rust patina.

Corten is known for its superior corrosion resistance. This is because the surface of the steel forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to the weather. In other words the steel is allowed to rust in order to protect itself. The protective surface layer continues to regenerate over years of exposure.

Eco Outdoor Living offer a wide range of Corten Steel designs, click here to view.

Our team will install your decorative screen usually within several hours, providing you with a beautiful and practical garden feature.

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Knotwoods aluminium screens won’t rot, warp or require constant painting and maintenance, making it a long term and very cost effective solution.

Knotwood is a versatile aluminium timber­‐look product that can be fashioned into a range of different landscaping products and specifications.

Knotwood screens are available in up to twenty realistic timber­-look colours and are low maintenance, easy to assemble and install.

Knotwood aluminium fencing is an incredibly versatile product whether you are using it for aluminium fencing and screens, to coordinate with your Millboard or timber decking, or to create a secure and low maintenance front-­‐yard fence. Aluminum fencing is long-­‐ lasting, low maintenance, safe and eco-­‐friendly.

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Our timber screening is available in a range of wood grains, including (but not limited to) Cedar, Merbau, Accoya, Teak and Pine, in timber or powdercoated frames. As with our other customised screening ranges, the timber screening is built to suit any specification and gap size.

At Eco Outdoor Living we know that prevention is better than cure – so to prevent tannin stains on your finished project our timber is fully sealed off­‐site.

We also understand timber coating, and can help maintain your new or existing timber screening, ensuring that it will look it’s best for as long as possible.

For further information or a quotation on using Timber Screening for your project Call or Email Eco Outdoor Living today.